A Time Away in His Presence

Don’t get familiar with how He comes.

One of the recurring themes of our first ever church retreat was this one key phrase. A lot of the time, we as Christians tend to hit a brick wall in our pursuit for more of the Lord. We feel as if the things we were doing before to get close to Him, no longer seem to be doing the trick and we become frustrated and perhaps even angry. But with that being said, if there is anything that I personally took home from last summer’s retreat, was to expect the unexpected. God never shows up in the same way every time, and sometimes it is a lesson we ought to learn. We cannot put God in a box or limit what He can do, because He is God and we are but dust and clay.

Embarking on this journey to Ashburnham amongst my brothers and sisters was truly a life changing experience. None of us knew exactly what to expect, but we were expectant none the less. We had been in and out of dialogue for months, about how desperately we needed just a day or two, away from the noise and busyness of life, and to simply linger in the sweet and blissful presence of the Lord. Boy, did we get that and much more!

Much was learnt there in Ashburnham, with unique encounters from God in each of our lives and a fresh infilling of unspeakable joy. You can imagine what it must have looked like. Waking up early, day and night, to simply rest in the presence of God and to worship and praise Him with a complete abandonment, and disregard for time might I add. We became so hungry and set ablaze with a new fire for the Lord, that even on our breaks, many of us youths would gather together in different rooms and invite the Lord into the room. We became addicted. Truly, looking back I can say with ease, that the retreat increased our spiritual stamina, but also provoked us to reflect on how we have been seeking the Lord. None left the same way that we came.

A lot happened in those few days we stayed, and all in all it was a time to remember. I encourage every single person to get away, whether that be by yourself, with family, friends or your whole church, and be with God, give Him your undivided attention, because it will change your life forever. The way you seek Him individually and even corporately will be altered. He will see your heart; your hunger and He will show up. All we have to do is come with open minds, without any preconceptions of exactly how He wants to come in and we will find Him.

God bless xoxo

Ashburnham – In His Presence 2018

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