Things Above

Daily I lay my head on my pillow knowing that this night could be the last. Yet my heart rests in the hope that one day I will meet my maker. The church must change the mind from right now to eternity. A recent message from a preacher named Nathan Morris, touched on Ecclesiastes 3, the Father wants to put eternity in your heart. The eternal mind is the victorious mind. Daily setting your thoughts and agenda on things above will awaken the spirit man within you. After all, no one is promised tomorrow. The Father is seeking a people that have a childlike surrender and walk with Him. Knowing that He supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. When I think about eternity I think about the heavens, I think about the whole host of angels, I think about the elders, I think about all the greats documented in scripture, I think about a white horse, I think about a heavenly crown, I fathom that our Lord and saviour will be closer than He has ever been before. Yet I remember that He wants to be close to me even now. You see, the transition from the now into eternity is simply a line that you cross over. A man of God at a recent conference made this quite clear, eternity is not something we works towards, eternity can happen at any moment.

Therefore, we must press on towards the mark of the higher calling, daily seeking the face of the one who is worthy, the one who is holy, the one who was slain before the foundation of the world for you and I. I heard this once and I will never forget it. If one died for all, all must live for the one.t The beauty is that we live in HIM. I have tasted the so-called pleasures of this world, similarly I have tasted the pleasures of the kingdom. There is only one that is good and that is the eternal kingdom. When heaven comes down and touches your heart, you’re never the same. The heartbeat of man becomes the heartbeat of God. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts but how I long to know His ways and His thoughts and yet all is revealed in that one moment with the Father, the secret place.

Very recently have I discovered the power in fellowship, that loving moment where the one written about becomes more than text but He becomes the very living word spoken about in scripture. That holy presence in the room when everything is silent… priceless. Jesus said that many will come on that day crying out ‘Lord Lord’, yet he will say, depart from me for I never knew you. In order for the Christian man to truly be the Christian man, you must know him. I implore all who read this therefore to know this Jesus. You may be going through tribulations, addictions, habits, sin whatever it may be. The vicious cycle that you may have been struggling with for years. But I write to you today and say that whoever the son of man has set free is free indeed. The joy is that, whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. You are already set free, hold on to that word and look at how your life changes, look to the finished work of the cross. Steward the freedom and liberty each day by spending time with the one who freed you, and your life will always burn for Him.

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