A Generation Rising

The love of God is never failing, even in the darkest pit He is there. Where can I hide from His love? If I go to the mountain He is also there. The nature of the carnal man is sin and rejection. Yet He sent His son that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Life presents its ups and downs and the notion is that this is the status quo till we part from this earth. Yet the spirit of God has promised us so much more. He wants us to be a dwelling place for God to rest in our hearts, all of a sudden, we become royals, a city that is set on a hill in a dark and fallen world. A saint is just a sinner that falls but rises again. We will be the bride that rise up when the saviour returns to take us home.

In this season, God is raising up a generation of saints who are seeking after the heart of the Father. Not caring about what the world thinks or the standard of the natural man but instead taking up their rightful place in victory and in purity, declaring that the return of our King is at hand. All must repent. There has been a burning desire in my heart to see a city captured by the love of our saviour Jesus Christ. Goodbye to religion and hello to the intimate relationship that the Father seeks for all humanity.

I turn around in gatherings and see a few connecting and others spiritually dormant. Indeed, salvation is an individual race but someday somehow a people will and must rise. A fervent army, hungry for a move of God in their communities, cities, nations and generations to come. Yet still the very depth of man speaks forth a desire to belong to some sort of move, some sort of ministry, some sort of church, when the Father requires the church to be inside of you, the move to rest inside of you and the ministry to be your very life.

My soul longs for a daily kiss from our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I long to see the face of the soon coming King. The one that spoke to the woman at the well saying that one day she will worship in Spirit and truth, the same King promised that in her will be a fountain of living water springing up into everlasting life.

You wonder why your heart is not settled at your 9-5 or you’re not settled during that lecture? It is the deep calling out to the deep things of God. The Spirit hovers around searching for a place where He can reside. Revival must start from within, all it takes is a few people who are hungry for a move of God, a profound and everlasting move. A people not concerned about themselves but instead are hungry for more of the one that died for all.

He is indeed from everlasting to everlasting and His word is Yea and Amen. Lord gather a people who seek nothing but you. Gather a generation who are ready to forsake all and follow you, wake up a selfless bride that yearn for purity and righteousness. After all, your Word says that we should possess our minds, bodies and souls through sanctification and honour. In these last hours, prepare us for the last harvest and turn a generation’s heart back to you. In this time and season let the called accept the mission statement. In this time and season let the called become the chosen, in this time and season let the precious Holy Spirit fill the land, in this time and season let our lives speak of you. The sceptre of Righteousness is a Sceptre of the Kingdom of God. Send us forth in diligence and consistency until you return, we will be among the number.
In Jesus Name.

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